I finally got a Bamboletta waldorf doll for Layla. I am bartering with a fellow TBW mama for Ada May. I am sending her my Pfau wrap for the Bambo. So excited. Can I just say that these dolls are nearly impossible to score. You have to stalk them forever and I don't have any stalking skills.

Ada will be a perfect companion to the waldorf doll I got Layla for her 3rd birthday. When trying to come up with a name for her birthday doll, I asked Layla what she wanted to name her.

Layla: "No Mine!" {favorite words for a 3 year old} "My Birthday Present!"

Obviously we are going to have to wait to name our first one but it was one of those "Awwwww.... isn't she adorable moments" which we have a lot of in our home.

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