Rome: Day Two

Much better today. I walked around the city after getting a good night rest. The city of Rome has it's antiquated charm. Walking around... I saw modern buildings merged with something from another world.. another time.. ruins that converged with the city seamlessly. Romans are lovely. Hard to describe their demeanor like the city itself. It's barely scratching the surface of the city and the inhabitants who live there..

They are not like Parisians.. whom I found very insular and cold  and uninviting to outsiders for the most part. Neither are the Roman welcoming of tourists. I think they have a rather stoic view of them and accept them as part of their lives as they live in a city that was once a mecca of ancient civilization.

But in true Italian fashion, they are gracious and lovely all the same. The ruins are indescribable. So much history and power lies within them. I did not get to see any of the famous sites. I couldn't seem to get my bearings around this city although I have a very good sense of direction for the most part.

I did not take any buses or trams although they run throughout the city. I chose to walk around and Rome is extensive in area to cover. I do think and many travelers have told me this as well.. that walking is the best way to get around the city. There's just so much to explore. Rome is quiet which was quite surprising and unlike Paris, everything closed early.. even the eateries. Only thing that remained open till late night are bars/clubs and pizzarias.
I did have my absolute best cappucino in Rome. Florians Cafe, blocks from the Termini station. In Italy, you can stand at the counter or bar and drink your espresso or cappucino while standing.

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